Sunday, October 17, 2010

Watch the Hour

Watch the Hour
J. R. Lindermuth
Kindle edition: April 15th 2009, Whiskey Creek Press LLC

I downloaded this eBook because I like J. R. Lindermuth's writing style, although the subject matter is quite different from his mystery series.

Watch the Hour is historical fiction, but with Lindermuth's usual depth of characters and story. The sense of place is excellent, truly placing me in the early Pennsylvania coal-mining towns. Information about mining was deftly inter-worked with the story, which takes place during the time of the Mollie McGuires and attempts to unionize the mines. The development includes the clash of cultures, several families, mine owners, foremen, Irish workers, and law enforcement. I often felt there were too many viewpoints.

The ethnic tension is punctuated with a cross-culture romance that seems destined to fail. Most of the characters were very sympathetic, and the bad guys were--really BAD guys. The depiction of Father Delaney was particularly good.

Roll all this in with rich language and volatile weather (always one of my favorite characters) and Watch the Hour is an exciting, well-wrought read.

I give a +5 for writing, +4 for character development, +3 for story line, +5 for historical content.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

TV Great Cannell

I always got a smile when seeing the Cannell icon come up at the end of a program. I'd think, 'No wonder I liked this so much.' My favorite was "Greatest American Hero," followed closely by "The Rockford Files". I still watch Rockford when I see a rerun.
Reruns will have to do from now on, as TV writer/producer Stephen J. Cannell passed away on 1 October 2010.
Here is a remembrance from someone who knew him, and not just his programs.